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Delivering Fresh Weekly to Jersey City and Hoboken!

The Body is a Temple.
Nourish It Well.

Building Food Confidence

For Community

For Children

For Charity

Fresh Smoothies for One and All

The Blend FC Mission is to overcome hunger and malnutrition globally, starting in our own backyard, here in the United States.  We want all kids to have a fresh start and the opportunity to grow up with daily access to natural, whole foods - unrefined, unprocessed, non-GMO and organic, wherever possible. 

We make Smoothies for kids fresh daily!

Why Blend FC?

We are former student-athletes, who competed at the highest levels of sport.  So we understand what it takes to perform well, on the field, in the classroom and ultimately how that transfers to success in life.  We want every single child to have the same opportunities, and the reality is that today, this is not happening - for a variety of reasons.  Obesity, diabetes and other health issues have debilitated American youth, not to mention adults as well.  We believe that a healthy, fresh made smoothie, full of fruits, vegetables and herbs, has all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that people need to get their minds and bodies right.  That is why this crew blends fresh, every day - for their own families, friends and communities.  Join the club.