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Why Blend FC? Why Here (Jersey City)? Why Now?

Why Blend FC? Why Here (Jersey City)? Why Now?

We've had enough. Just like Chad had enough nearly 10 years back when he started making and delivering freshly made fruit and vegetable smoothies to his son's school in Tenafly, NJ.  Enough of the junk food and poor food options, lack of transparency in sourcing of ingredients, medical driven health 'strategies' and overall lack of wellness in our general population.  Should food and health be this complicated and hard to attain?  When we get conflicting messages and a plethora of unhealthy options, it surely is.

That is why Blend FC. We are here to heal, to educate and to nourish bodies and minds - young and old.  


                                                     BLEND FC

  • FC = Fresh Crew, for the team that spends its days chopping, churning and blending fresh, wholesome fruits, vegetables and herbs for our line of soups and smoothies.
  • FC = For Children, because our Founding organizational partner, Sips & Kicks (a 501c-3 non-profit) and its Executive Director, Chad Dictenberg, had this vision to give all kids equal access to healthy food options.
  • FC = For Charity, because Blend FC supports the Sips & Kicks mission; with each dollar earned, we give back.
  • FC = For Community, because we believe that it's all about Local nowadays, and that ought to be the trend moving forward. Jersey City is our home.  Local sourcing and collective wellness is the best thing that we can do to strengthen our community and the bonds between us.  The world has never been this unhealthy, and the U.S. (and New York & New Jersey) are in the epicenter of it, with some of the worst health metrics on the planet.
  • FC = Food Confidence, because too many children grow up without it.  They grow up without enough quantity or quality of nutrients, and we need to change that, starting at home.
  • FC = Fit Club, because aside from the food we eat, an active lifestyle is the key to our well being. Blend FC promotes healthy eating and lifestyle, be it through sports or other physical fitness regimens.

Eventually, we are open to expanding our work to other cities, but to do so, we must first have success here at home. The evidence will be seen in the Cs above.  Join the movement.